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  • Wimbledon 2019!!

    Wednesday Jul 17 2019

    It is the sign that summer is here...Wimbledon!! The weather may be unpredictable as usual but when Wimbledon starts we know that Pimm's and picnics are in order! To say...

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  • It's a boy!!!!

    Tuesday May 28 2019

    Some lovely news this month, we have a gorgeous new royal baby to swoon over!! After weeks of speculation and rumours that the Duchess of Sussex had already gone in...

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  • Valentines!!!

    Thursday Feb 14 2019

    It is Valentines day this week, some people love it and some people hate it and I definitely love it, any excuse to celebrate love!! I am a huge believer...

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  • New Year, New Year!!!

    Monday Jan 14 2019

    Welcome to 2019! It is the time of year again when we all make resolutions for the new year and after feeling sluggish from the chocolate oranges for breakfast, I...

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  • Happy Halloween!!

    Wednesday Oct 24 2018

    It's almost Halloween and I don't know about you but I feel this year is flying by and doesn't see, to be slowing down at all! To get you in...

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  • Ladies..its Racing Time!!!

    Thursday Aug 16 2018

    This week we are talking all things racing and focusing on the ladies. With plenty of inspiration from the big race events so far, we can't wait to get shopping...

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  • Suit Up for Race Day!

    Wednesday May 30 2018

    Horse racing season is now upon us and the desire to stand out amongst the crowds grows more every year! So, I am here to tell you what people are...

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  • Get set for Summer with Azzaro!

    Thursday Apr 19 2018

    If (like me) you are ready for a bit of sunshine after all of this horrible weather and are already daydreaming about your summer holiday, then look no further for...

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  • The Beast from the East!!

    Thursday Mar 08 2018

    Rightfully nicknames 'The Beast from the East', this weather warning combined with storm Emma has caused absolute chaos all over the UK, giving us out worst weather for years! The...

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  • How are those New Year's Resolutions Going?!

    Friday Feb 16 2018

    If (like me)your New Years resolution was to loose the pounds gained over Christmas, then welcome to my club!! Probably 90% of us choose weight loss as our goal for...

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  • A guide to get you through Christmas Day!

    Friday Dec 22 2017

    Christmas is a time for families to get together and one of use will no doubt be slaving away while everyone else realaxes around the tree! This year that someone...

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  • Brexit - Part 1

    Sunday Oct 29 2017

    This week and next week I thought it was about time to address the subject of Brexit and how it could effect us ordinary folk, including your holidays and in...

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  • Your 7camicie Autumn Wardrobe

    Monday Oct 02 2017

    Welcome back everyone! I know I've been going on these past few weeks about winter and I am about to do it again, yey! Now, I've talked about looking after...

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  • Men's Skincare Part 1

    Tuesday Aug 29 2017

    This week I am preparing all the men out there for winter - yes, you heard me right, WINTER!! Christmas is a mere 20 weeks away, which means miserable rain...

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  • Azzaro - A Come Back with a Bang...Part 1!!

    Friday Jul 28 2017

    Some of you may have heard of Loris Azzaro and his fashion house and some of you may not, but that's ok because you are about to! His brand is...

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  • Postcard from Italy....

    Thursday Jul 13 2017

    Some of you will be lucky enough to be jetting off on holiday this summer, whilst the rest of us are either suffering from 'wishing we were there' holiday blues...

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  • Men's Summer Style

    Monday Jun 26 2017

    Many of you will be getting ready to jet off on your fabulous holidays this summer, but before you do here are some helpful tips and tricks to avoid any...

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  • With Manchester We Stand

    Thursday Jun 01 2017

    It has taken me such a long time to write this piece for you and I must admit it has been so hard as so many of us and our...

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  • Italian Food for Thought!

    Monday May 15 2017

    Now Easter is well out the way, the chocolate eggs have been polished off and if you are anything like me, summer and being beach body ready all of a...

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  • Easter Traditions!

    Sunday Apr 16 2017

    Buona Pasqua!! That's 'Happy Easter' to all our none Italian speaking readers out there! It is finally time for a weekend of guilt free chocolate egg munching and BBQ burger...

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  • Easter Weekend Fashion

    Tuesday Apr 11 2017

    Easter weekend is just about upon us and I personally can't wait! I don't know why but Easter really is one of my favourite time of year - maybe it's...

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  • Beauty and the Beast - Part 2

    Monday Apr 03 2017

    Well as promised I have returned this week to share with you guys my thoughts and experience of the new Beauty and the Beast movie. I hope everyone who has...

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  • Beauty and the Beast - Part 1

    Tuesday Mar 21 2017

    Unless you live under a rock then you must have seen some sort of promotion for Disney's latest live action remake. Starring Emma Watson (Hermione from the massive Harry Potter...

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  • Oops at the Oscars!

    Thursday Mar 02 2017

    For you guys that are as active as me on social media, you would have seen the absolute shambles that was this years Oscars. Not only did they announce La...

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  • The Most Romantic Day of the Year!!!!

    Tuesday Feb 07 2017

    Valentines Day is right around the corner, but before you men run off to buy generic flowers and chocolates, let's take a minute to think about being a bit more...

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  • Golden Globes, Class of 2017

    Monday Jan 23 2017

    January 8th saw the celebration of the 74th Annual Golden Globes Ceremony, recognizing the amazing film and television that came out of 2016.   We have actually had a pretty great 2016...

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  • New Year, New You???

    Monday Jan 09 2017

      Well here it is, 2017 has arrived! We hope you all had a fabulous New Year, but after all the indulgence over the last few weeks I can imagine...

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  • Best Christmas Films part 2

    Friday Dec 16 2016

    Ready for more fantastic festive films? I knew you would be. Here's the rest of our Top Ten Best Loved Christmas films. Is your favourite on here?   No 6....

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  • Best Christmas Films

    Wednesday Dec 14 2016

    I really hope with 2 weeks left until the big day you're all well and truly in the Christmas spirit. If not the quickest way to get anyone in the...

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  • Fashion's Most Influential Men pt 2

    Tuesday Nov 08 2016

    Welcome back everyone, I hope in our last article you found a super stylish guy you can relate to, or at least get some great inspiration from. Don’t worry if...

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  • Fashion's most Influential Men

    Wednesday Oct 26 2016

    Introducing the world’s most influential men in fashion!   Moving on from the last few blogs I’m going to introduce you to the men you should be watching right now!...

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  • Iconic Men (Pt 2)

    Sunday Oct 09 2016

    Welcome back everyone to Part 2 of our Iconic Men countdown. We've already seen some swanky styles in the first half of our list but now I’m sure your all...

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  • Iconic Men (Pt 1)

    Wednesday Sep 28 2016

    Fashion on Screen I have such a treat for you guys, over the next few weeks these blogs are going to look back at some of the most iconic moments...

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  • Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

    Tuesday Sep 13 2016

      Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Now unless you live under a rock you must have walked down the street past a Waterstones, WHSmith, etc and seen this posted...

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  • Finding Dory!!

    Thursday Sep 01 2016

      If you haven’t already seen this hit Summer movie, then make sure you do, no matter what your age! The Plot This Summer Pixar have finally delivered the much...

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  • Rio Olympics So far......

    Wednesday Aug 10 2016

      Rio Olympics so far…. There’s been a lot of negativity surrounding the run-up to the Rio Olympics so far, with drug doping, theft in the Olympic Village, poor conditions,...

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  • Get in the Carnival Mood with the Rio Olympics!!!

    Tuesday Aug 09 2016

    So we are all super excited about the Olympics!! This time around, the events will be hosted in Rio (you should know this already of course!) and after weeks of...

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  • Collingwood Ladies Day 2016

    Friday Jul 22 2016

       Giddie up and get race ready! One of the biggest social events in the north east! Action and glamour come together to create one unforgettable day of fun! Get...

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