Beauty and the Beast - Part 1

Posted: Mar 21 2017

Unless you live under a rock then you must have seen some sort of promotion for Disney's latest live action remake. Starring Emma Watson (Hermione from the massive Harry Potter franchise) and Dan Stevens as the beast, the entire cast is well and truly star studded. Luke Evans plays the vein Gaston Josh Gad (voice of Olaf from Frozen) Sir Ian McKellen as Cogsworth and the amazing Emma Thompson brings Mrs Potts to name but a few of the cast!!

Now true Disney fans such as myself will have seen all the live action re makes, but for some reason this one has just blown up everywhere and in its opening weekend has already made a tidy £282 million and broke the record for the biggest selling PG rated film in a weekend!!! Take a bow guys, awesome result! Just to rub more salt in to the wounds of the other remakes, Beauty and the Beast marks Disney's best opening for a live action remake yet - beating The Jungle Book, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. WOW!

 A cherry on the cake for well-known and active feminist Emma Watson, on the opening weekend more than 60% off the ticket buyers were female (according to The Hollywood Reporter) making it the biggest women-and-girl fuelled opener ever! Girl Power!

If by any chance you haven't seen the trailer yet, watch the full one here

I know right, looks amazing!


This film has been building up for what seems like forever, movie trailers, promos, even clothing stores jumping on the band wagon with Primark selling out in seconds of their Chip the Cup coin purse. Is the hype all worth it? If the opening weekend is anything to go by then it definitely is. However, just to be sure, I better go watch it for you guys and give a full movie review next time! Don't worry I won't miss anything out! I'll be talking cast and why Emma was drawn to the role, the Beast and all his special effects and of course...THAT dress!! 

Let us know your thoughts if you have already seen it!

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