Beauty and the Beast - Part 2

Posted: Apr 03 2017

Well as promised I have returned this week to share with you guys my thoughts and experience of the new Beauty and the Beast movie. I hope everyone who has seen it enjoyed it as much as I did!

Its not hard to see just why Emma Watson took the role of Belle, she's a strong, feminine figure, intelligent, gorgeous, loving and very smart. You can see the passion she has for the character in this interview with Entertainment Weekly here..

One of the funniest Emma Watson interview moments for me was when she admitted to really falling for the beast, rather than the actual actor Dan Stevens, who you have to admit is not a bad looking fella! We don't know if he should take it as an acting compliment or an insult to his looks, we hope it's a compliment! To be fair to Emma, the special effects team did an amazing job on the CGI and digital work that was involved in creating the beast. Watch an interview with 'the Beast' himself and what he thought of the CGI effects here...

Even though the finished image of the beast is amazing, actor Dan Stevens had already acted out most of his scenes wearing a beast style mask until they decided to scrap it and CGI the whole thing - sorry Dan!! As if wearing stults and a CGI suit wasn't bad enough!!!

What about the rest of the cast? Luckily none of them had to wear pointless animal masks during most of filming, but they all seemed to really enjoy themselves, catch an interview with them all here...

 Obviously the part of the movie I most anticipated was the famous ballroom scene, where the unlikely lovers finally realise their true feelings for each other, nawwwww!!! But it wasn't all the soppy romance I was looking forward to so much, it was THAT dress!! Worked on by costume designer Jacqueline Duran, the new dress designed for Emma features gold leaf designs and Swarovski crystals. Check out the process behind the outfits created for the movie here...

The original dress is really iconic but they did a great job turning it in to a real life masterpiece! I'm sure you will agree!

Out of all the remakes, I have to admit this one has been one of my favourites. With all the hype surrounding the movie, I really didn't know what to expect and I really didn't want to be let down and I definitely wasn't! It's a nostalgic trip to the cinema for us who grew up with the original and an instant hit with a new generation of Disney fanatics. A must see!!

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