Best Christmas Films part 2

Posted: Dec 16 2016

Ready for more fantastic festive films? I knew you would be. Here's the rest of our Top Ten Best Loved Christmas films. Is your favourite on here?


No 6. Love Actually (2003)

A star-studded cast, bring to life nine separate stories all linked through love! This film brings tears, laughs and a whole lot of Christmas cheer. The film explores love in all its many forms with lots of individual people. The love of friendship through Billy Mack and Joe, a new romance between David and Natalie, the love between and father and son with Daniel and Sam, and the love between a brother Michael, sister Sarah and her new love interest Karl. All stories show love in different ways but equally how important it is. Oh I feel all fuzzy inside!



No.7 Home Alone (1990)


If you haven’t seen home alone then you seriously need to re think your film choices. But then again that’s what this list is for, and after 26 years this film just gets better and better every time you watch it. An ageless classic that children now still love watching. When 8 year old Kevin accidentally gets left at home while his family rush off for a Christmas vacation, he becomes the man of the house overnight. Finding out his house is the target of two thieves, he sets up a series of traps only a kid could think of, to welcome them. Prepare for a million laughs a minute - perfect for all the family!




No. 8 Jingle All The Way (1996)


Not sure how many of you will have seen this one, I know it was seriously popular with my generation and its one I have to watch every Christmas, plus who doesn’t love Arnold Schwarzenegger? Watch him search the city on Christmas eve for the sold out, hottest action figure “Turbo Man”  and make his son happy on Christmas morning. Although Arnie is best known for his Action Hero movies, 'Jingle All The Way' shows his softer, side and its definitely a hit come Christmastime. 


No. 9 Arthur Christmas (2011)


This is a great one for kids, a wonderfully fun film that even adults will enjoy. Watch as Arthur Christmas (Santa’s son) answers the question of how Santa manages to deliver presents to every child on Christmas Eve all over the world. How I hear you say? With a high tech aircraft and a team of ninja gift delivering elves that’s how! Along with all this, is a dysfunctional family and a mission for Arthur to complete before Christmas morning!



No. 10 The Snowman (1982)

This had to appear on the list!! Originally a book published 1978 The Snowman is a beautiful tale of a boy who makes a snowman on Christmas Eve and with a little bit of magic, actually comes to life and takes him on a flying adventure to the North Pole to meet Santa. This film may only be 26 minutes long with no spoken words but it has become a national treasure. The song "Walking in the Air" performed in the film by a St Paul's Cathedral choirboy Peter Auty makes the film even more special and an all time Christmas classic!


Enjoy getting into the festive spirit guys, I hope we didn’t we miss your favourite!

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