Easter Traditions!

Posted: Apr 16 2017

Buona Pasqua!! That's 'Happy Easter' to all our none Italian speaking readers out there! It is finally time for a weekend of guilt free chocolate egg munching and BBQ burger eating...hooray!

This week I've been looking at some traditional Italian ways to celebrate Easter and some of them are not too far from how us Brits celebrate. The first tradition we will look at is egg painting. Now pretty much every primary school parent out there will know the yearly struggle of designing and painting a hard boiled egg for their child's Easter competition. This year I was no different and it turns out Italian parents will also be doing the same!


The next tradition is known as 'Scoppio del carro' and dates back over 350 years. It takes place in Florence on the morning of Easter Sunday and involves a traditional wooden cart being packed with fireworks and set on fire in the middle of the square. If there is a successful explosion it is believed that the year to follow will be good. This is definitely a more unusual tradition and I feel, a slightly hazardous one! But a tradition it most certainly is.

The day after Easter is known as 'Pasquetta' which literally translates to little Easter. The small Umbrian town of Panicale has a cheese rolling competition. Competitors must roll huge wheels of Ruzzola cheese around the village as part of the game known as 'Ruzzolone'. As long as you get to eat the cheese as well then this is definitely a tradition I could happily adopt!

Now for Easter eggs - yes I'm finally talking chocolate!!! Don't worry if you start the celebrations the same way as me by enjoying your morning breakfast cereal from a bowl made from half a hollow Easter egg (it's awesome by the way and yes the milk does turn chocolatey!!) Italians, however, go one step further and better. Italian Easter eggs always have a surprise in the middle - yes like a giant Kinder egg but with bigger gifts! If anyone knows where to get present filled Easter eggs closer to home, hit me up!!! Other than that I'll leave by saying, know matter what traditions you'll be doing during your own Easter weekend make sure you have a great time!

'Buona Pasqua a tutti!!'

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