Fashion's most Influential Men

Posted: Oct 26 2016

Introducing the world’s most influential men in fashion!


Moving on from the last few blogs I’m going to introduce you to the men you should be watching right now! With all the social media, news pages, and of course blogs, these are the men you should come across quite often. Each of these guys has their own individual styles and hopefully you’ll find a look that speaks to you! Here are the first 5!


The Natural Look.  - Eddie Redmayne



Other than perfecting this "casual hand in pockets" cool guy pose, he's also a pretty amazing actor and all-round King of the natural style that is becoming more fashionable for guys. The key pieces of his looks include: coloured chinos, boots, open necked shirts and casual blazers/jackets. Using layers like t-shirts and jumpers helps to change it up and keep the look fresh.

See what Eddie thinks of his own style during a casual photo shoot here.


Top of the Genes pool - Lucky Blue Smith


Yes, that's his actual name, and even though we can't have his genes, you can definitely have his jeans. (See what I did there!?). Yes, this teen model is the face of Levis and he normally pairs his distressed denim with a baggy tee, hoodie, and let's not forget his gorgeous platinum hair!


Find out more about the man behind the hair in Ellen Degeneres' interview with him here. 


The Comfy Baller – Drake


For some of us, we want to look stylish but also be comfortable - there is no joy one without the other! But, no one pulls that off better than Drake: obviously he doesn’t want his clothing to constrict his swag (who does!?). Recreate his look with a simple cotton tee, and a fleece or sport bomber jacket.



Drake obviously likes this style so much he created his very own Fashion Line "October's Very Own" (bit weird, but what else would a Celebrity call a fashion line?), probably so he'd have more choice for himself! Check out his range  in his TV advert here.


The Real Life 007 – Idris Elba


The highest contender for the movie star alpha-male role, is obviously Idris, no doubt about it. This modern day dandy takes any and every opportunity to dress up and blow everyone away with his black tie looks, I mean, how much does he rock the Emerald Suit?. With the way he dresses I’m surprised he hasn’t been considered as the next James Bond! (He'd be perfect, don't you think?)


If he dresses up this good, wonder what he looks like dressed down and more casual - well find out what his Superdry range looks like here.


The World Traveller – Diplo


Next time you go on your travels remember the iconic photo of DJ Diplo (above) in Pakistan wearing a Kurta. Why not pack a little less before you fly, and shop when you get there.

Check out Diplo's World Traveller Style in this video of him and his crew travelling around Pakistan, doing just what the locals do!

Hope you liked our list of Most Influential Male trend setters! Look out for more soon!


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