Fashion's Most Influential Men pt 2

Posted: Nov 08 2016

Welcome back everyone, I hope in our last article you found a super stylish guy you can relate to, or at least get some great inspiration from. Don’t worry if they didn’t float your boat, as today I have more stylish guys and loads more inspiration! So read on …


So nice he makes you look twice....


Ryan Reynolds


Ryan is one of the most stylish guys on the planet, (and the most good looking!!). Hence why he is on this list, but the greatest thing about his sense of style is that it is so easy to re-create and can suit anyone, no matter your guy style! At first glance his outfits look quite simple, for example; a plain navy suit. But look again and that plain navy suit is actually a plaid navy suit! Small subtle details definitely make these his signature looks. Check out his three same, yet totally different looks; from bandana print ties (above), to a checked navy trench coat (below left), and a gorgeous micro dot shirt (below right): all looks you can absolutely create yourself, and makes that plain navy suit, not so plain anymore!



The Minimalist....


Aziz Ansari


This actor and comedian may be know for his hilarious film roles, but his wardrobe is no joke! Now this amazing man shares the same beliefs as me; if you don’t love the things in your wardrobe, just get rid of them. Easy right? We always find ourselves reaching for the same pair of jeans and trusted jumper (who doesn't?), but your whole wardrobe should be simple, and a collection of things you simply love (easier said than done, I know). The reason behind this blog was to help you find your style and run with it, and this is exactly what Aziz does. He has found his key pieces and stuck to it. He's often been seen dressed in a beautiful on trend Tan Trench coat, a distressed leather flight jacket, and a James Bond 007 worthy Tux.


Much of Aziz's style centres around the beloved Brogue shoe! Although fashion styles have come and gone, the Brogue is a tried and tested timeless classic, and perfect for any occasion! Check out our own range of dress shoes to add a classic twist to your own minimal wardrobe! Aziz uses his style knowledge to collect perfect pieces for a minimal wardrobe! 


The Genuine Gentleman.....


Tom Hardy

Tom always seems to take movie roles that distract from what a good looking bloke he is. I mean as Bane in Batman you could only see his eyes; in Mad Max he was covered in dust and sand 90% of the time, and you barely recognise him as a bald Shinzon in Star Trek Nemesis! He could arguably be the least vain actor in Hollywood, but when this man steps out in public he can squeeze every drop of mojo out of an outfit!

The truly traditional 3 piece suit (pictured below left and right), is a Tom Hardy dedication to past times, but man does he bring this look barrelling into the 21st Century! By wearing checked pattern suits, he keeps this look effortlessly cool and merges old styles, with new.

Not only does Tom rock the clothes he wears, he rocks the accessories too. He pairs very classic pieces to compliment his look. In his 3 piece suits, he tends to wear very traditional pieces to highlight the overall look; colour coordinated pocket handkerchiefs, Fob watches, Tie pins, complimentary bright scarves and bold patterned ties to name a few, give his suits that fashion edge, and a very sexy look.



The Prime Minster of style....


Justin Trudeau


Justin Trudeau has been Canada’s Prime Minister since 2015, and he is definitely a World Leader with style! He’s a politician that actually has fun with his fashion! Jazzing up a normally plain suit is easily done by adding bold colours and patterns that compliment your look, just like Mr Trudeau has done above with his Red Spotted Tie, making him stand out in a Political Crowd! You can also accent your suit by wearing bright and bold shirts with Double or Triple Collars to get that WOW factor. See our own range of men's shirts here for your best look.

Now, normally you think Politician equals dull and boring, but Mr Trudeau is the exception to that rule. He’s a pretty fun guy, and was once even a snowboard instructor, not to mention he has hair worthy of an anchorman!

Now, not all occasions are suitable for fun and funky colours as Justin is no doubt aware, but there's always a sneaky way to stay true to yourself and show your own style - SOCKS! Yes, you can easily jazz up your own suit with this (mostly) hidden accessory. Our favourite brand is Happy Socks!! Bright and Funky and a bit out there, but who cares!!?? Why not pop into our 7Camicie store and grab yourself some Happy socks, we have so many prints to pair with your suits!

That's all from us at the moment, but I hope you got plenty of inspiration from these very individual guys! Have fun creating your own personalised wardrobes. Happy shopping!

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