Finding Dory!!

Posted: Sep 01 2016


If you haven’t already seen this hit Summer movie, then make sure you do, no matter what your age!

The Plot

This Summer Pixar have finally delivered the much awaited sequel to the beloved first film 'Finding Nemo'. This film as you can probably tell (being called 'Finding Dory') it focuses on the hilariously forgetful fish we all first fell in love with; Dory, and her journey to be reunited with her parents. But, (there's always a but, lets be honest, its never that straight forward) along the way, she is captured and taken to a Californian public Aquarium, from which Marlin and Nemo attempt to rescue her! Watch the trailer here. 


The Review

Even though this film has a very similar story line to the first film; a lost fish, harrowing journey, then being found and rescued by others etc etc, it does not disappoint at all! Ellen DeGeneres once again excels as Dory, which we all knew she would! Her unforgettable performance in the first movie Finding Nemo is still relevant - I know I still quote some of her lines to this day, and with the Original film Finding Nemo released back in 2003, it doesn't half give the feeling of getting old!.

However, even though DeGeneres excels on centre stage in this film, the high point of the movie for me, is the memorable side character that reminds me of the truly likeable Pixar characters such as; Cars' Mater, Sulley from Monsters, Inc., and even Buzz Lightyear himself: Hank the Octopus. Grouchily voiced by Ed O’Neill, Hank, who has chameleon-like powers in addition to his Stretch Armstrong style elasticity, is far on the cartoonist edge for typical Pixar. His exaggerated expressions and movements are absolutely mesmerising. His character goes between goofy and sly, and I tell you his likeness is going to be remembered for a very very longtime! 


The Message

Another reason to fall in love with Finding Dory is its powerful message: as a tiny fish-ling with an adorable speech impediment, her behavioural disability actually led her to get separated from her family, and ever since, Dory has never stopped blaming herself for letting them down. This is some heavy stuff for a supposed kids film, but amid all the gags, this is arguably one of the most frank depictions of overcoming obstacles ever shown in a mainstream film. 

In an interview Ellen did with 'All Things Considered,' she really hammers home the idea that 'Just Keep Swimming' is now more than a forgetful fish's' mantra; it is the basis for many people gathering the strength and courage to overcome any obstacle; those we face everyday, or the bigger challenges we face in our lifetime, by putting just one foot in front of the other. Heavy stuff indeed! 

All credit to Ellen DeGeneres for delivering the point with a believe-in-yourself message that packs a punch whilst managing to keep the film light-hearted.

For Ellen's own views on her role as Dory, and what 'Just Keep Swimming' means to her, read the full interview 'A Lesson in Fortitude from Dory and DeGeneres' here - trust me, its worth a quick read.   

If you loved the first film (and who didn't?) you will definitely love this one, and the character of Hank will make it worth your while alone! So grab the popcorn, and possibly the tissues for this beautiful heartwarming film! 

Remember, if all else fails, take Dory's advice........ JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!


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