Italian Food for Thought!

Posted: May 15 2017

Now Easter is well out the way, the chocolate eggs have been polished off and if you are anything like me, summer and being beach body ready all of a sudden seems just around the corner! This week I have been looking at some traditional Italian Spring recipes for everyone to try at home. They are not necessarily low fat, but they are certainly fresh and different and not a drop of chocolate to be seen!

Italians love cooking with fresh, local ingredients and each region has a different way of cooking similar recipes to keep them traditional and personal to them. This first recipe comes from Veneto in Northern Italy and it is a delicious asparagus risotto Click here for the recipe.

This next one will appeal to meat lovers and one of the best things about this recipe is that it is super easy to make. It is a pan fried chicken stew with fresh tomatoes. Find the recipe here.

Italians would normally have this next dish as a starter but it is oh so good I could easily have it anytime as a main dish or a lunch option and because I like to keep things interesting this particular recipe is slightly harder to make than the others. I know you will enjoy making this potato gnocchi with fava beans, but if you really love the idea but don't want to make your own gnocchi, skip that part and feel free to buy pre made from your local supermarket (I won't tell if you don't!) Click here for this yummy recipe.

Now I know we have all said we have eaten enough chocolate recently, but that doesn't mean we can't all enjoy a spring-time desert every once in a while does it? Besides once you get a look at this strawberry and chantilly millefoglie you won't be able to resist and it is quite the showstopper for social gatherings. Get the recipe here.

I really hope you enjoy trying these new dishes and the website is brilliant for lots of different Italian recipe inspiration. Happy cooking...or should I say 'Cucina Felice!'

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