Get in the Carnival Mood with the Rio Olympics!!!

Posted: Aug 09 2016

So we are all super excited about the Olympics!! This time around, the events will be hosted in Rio (you should know this already of course!) and after weeks of speculation and anticipation the opening ceremony did not disappoint!!

An absolute treat filled with colours, stunts, dancing and music. The ceremony started out with Cirque du Soleil choreography that began with a recreation of the creation of the world and ended with a bleak message about global warming. It also included a slightly bizarre shout-out to Brazilian supermodel Gidele Bundchen. Random we know!! The part I loved most was that each athlete was given a seed to plant, which will be added to one of Rio's National Parks to create a forest of life and symbolise their fight against global warming. They have focused so hard on being ecological sound, and this was very much reflected in the run up and during the ceremony. The thought and ideas that went into creating this, was epic. See for yourself here.

It ended with Athens Bronze Medal Marathon winner Vanderlei de Lima lighting the flame, 12 years after the marathon he ran . Winning his race with a 15 second lead, before being attacked by an onlooker and pushed in to the crowd, he therefore lost the lead but came third, despite being clearly shaken up. At the closing ceremony in Athens, de Lima was awarded the rarely given Pierre de Coubertin medal, an honour named after the Frenchman considered the father of the modern Olympic games. This has obviously led him to be honoured with lighting the torch all these years later! The torch he lit began a swirling spectacular that represented the sun and life.


Well done Rio, it really was a great show!! While some criticise the show for their focus on global warming, I thought the message was heartfelt and powerful. Not to mention the amazing carnival experience. Rio really know how to party!!!!

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