Get set for Summer with Azzaro!

Posted: Apr 19 2018

If (like me) you are ready for a bit of sunshine after all of this horrible weather and are already daydreaming about your summer holiday, then look no further for a bit of summer inspiration! We have previously talked about fashion and fragrance designer Loris Azzaro back when he launched his amazing come back fragrance 'Wanted' and thankfully for us he is back at it with his new 'Solarissimo' men's range.

This summer range is the only fragrance collection you will need this summer. Based on three Italian islands where his father grew up,  the Solarissimo range radiates all things Mediterranean and transports us to these gorgeous places.

Let me introduce you to the first in the collection...


Levanzo is the first in the range and represents the dawn. It is luminous and dynamic, bursting with green freshness and warmed by woody notes for a natural elegance. The scent itself is made up of Italian lemon and passionfruit followed by basil leaf and lavender essence. The woody element is brought out by the cedar and patchouli in the base. Find out more by clicking here.


The Midday fragrance center's around marine notes for a relaxed elegance, representing a Mediterranean freshness of sea spray and warmth. The scent consists of Italian lemon and mint followed by calypsone (a note that conveys the sea spray) and also includes vetiver wood to give a luminous feel to the fragrance and in the base rockrose and atlas cedar give a Mediterranean accent. Click here to find out more.


Last in the collection but by no means least, this fragrance represents the dusk. When the sun sets on the island of Favignana, it remains warm and this fragrance celebrates the intensity of the last rays of sunshine. 

Italian citrus fruits give a fresh burst followed by a rum absolute, giving the fragrance warmth and Chinese cedar in the base brings depth and intensity.

Click here to find out more.

These 3 fragrances are all you need this summer and all so individual. Perfect for any occasion this summer or as a gift and priced at £34 for 75ml, you could own the full collection for £102! I mean at that price, why should you have to pick a favourite.......

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