How are those New Year's Resolutions Going?!

Posted: Feb 16 2018

If (like me)your New Years resolution was to loose the pounds gained over Christmas, then welcome to my club!! Probably 90% of us choose weight loss as our goal for 2018 and with my upcoming wedding, it was the kick up the backside I needed! However, I'm not going to lie, it has been my resolution more times than I care to admit! So, what makes 2018 a year for success?

 1. Set a goal. Mine is obviously my wedding - yours could be a special occasion of your own, or a holiday or even just a lifestyle change, but find a goal and set a realistic target. We (as humans) work much better if we have a target or goal to work towards!

2. Baby steps! We notice small changes less than big dramatic changes, plus they are easier to maintain! So cut out the sweets etc step by step, but never altogether or you will find yourself falling off the wagon. Remember to have the occasional cheat meal to keep you sane and subdue your cravings!

3. Get moving! Now my excuse for lack of exercise has been my busy working life and being a mother to a toddler, so spending hours at the gym is unrealistic for me. So the answer to my problems (and probably a lot of out there) has been 10 minute workout DVD's. Check some out by clicking here, or even have a look on You Tube as there are some great free ones available. These at home workouts allow me to fit in 10/15 minutes of exercise whenever I can, which is totally achievable! There are loads of different workouts out there so there is something for everyone's exercise style, from yoga, kettle bells, dance, aerobics just to name a few! Remember, if you enjoy it you are more likely to do it so pick something that suits you!

 4. Keep it Interesting. Try new healthy meals, if you are like me and have tried everything from Diet Chef to Slimming world to various slimming shakes and also found yourself stuck in a rut of the same boring recipes, then ultimately these 'diets' stop working. Mix it up, keep it interesting and check out different diet options. Prep yourself a weekly menu that you will look forward to, this will also help the temptation to stay in the supermarket and visit the biscuit and crisps aisle! Remember some treats are ok, just choose healthier versions so it feels like a treat but without all the calories.

Remember, even with all of this, don't let one slip up, bad day (or even bad week) ruin your goal. Remind yourself why you are doing it and what you are doing it for, picture how you will feel when you achieve it. Good luck!

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