Iconic Men (Pt 1)

Posted: Sep 28 2016

Fashion on Screen

I have such a treat for you guys, over the next few weeks these blogs are going to look back at some of the most iconic moments of men's fashion; on and off the big screen.

Over the next two weeks we will count down the top 10! We will be looking at iconic clothing and the iconic men wearing them, and of course helping you get these timeless pieces on a budget! Lets get started by going back and looking at the most iconic men's fashion moments on film. Here is the first part of your movie countdown!

Now the reason these moments are so iconic is that no matter how many years ago the film was set or shot, these fashion looks have continued to influence catwalk designers and ready-to-wear high street fashion. Lets see how many of you remember these major fashion moments in film.

Sitting at number 10. Drive (2011)

Proving all drivers don’t have to look like grease monkeys, is the gorgeous Ryan Gosling. Definitely bringing back the retro cool look with a modern twist. You cant get 10 minutes into this film without knowing this is the coolest guy in LA, all because of that bomber jacket! Pair it with dark denim and boots (driving gloves optional).




At number 9. Oceans 11 (2001)

This early 2000’s film was an instant classic and inspired two more sequels, it also inspired the tie free suit: and why not when you can look that cool. Plus no one wants to wear a stuffy tie while robbing a casino right? Vegas Baby!

Check out the Film's Official trailer -  gives you a good idea of how to rock the tie free look here.


Number 8. Pulp Fiction (1994)

Now obviously Pulp Fiction had to feature here somewhere right? Now I know the blues brothers did it first, but these guys made the suit and tie cool. So simple you cant possibly get it wrong, it also allows to make a few personalised tweaks of your own in your accessories. Allowing you to go straight out for drinks after work!


In at 7. Top Gun (1986)

Of course! I mean come on! Aviator’s have never gone away and its definitely my go to pair of sunglasses; Tom Cruise also rocked the bomber jacket and white tee combo with sewn on patches, still being seen today. This look took my breath away and I still have "highway to the danger zone," in my head every time I take off in a plane.



Number 6 Raiders of the lost Ark (1981)

The look of the adventurous man! Khaki shirt, beat up brown leather jacket, military belt and of course the Fedora! (bullwhip optional) Now if this professor wasn’t handsome enough for you to take up archaeology then I don’t know what would! Such an iconic role, and a great performance by Harrison Ford.


What do you think of our list so far? Don't forget to see next week's blog for our top 5 Fashion Looks!! 


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