Iconic Men (Pt 2)

Posted: Oct 09 2016

Welcome back everyone to Part 2 of our Iconic Men countdown. We've already seen some swanky styles in the first half of our list but now I’m sure your all on the edge of your seat to run down the final 5 most inspirational fashion moments of your favourite Hollywood men, so lets get straight into it.

Number 5. American Gigolo (1980)

This tres chic man about town Camel Trench Coat, paired with the Armani Suit is definitely the epitome of 80’s style. Richard Gere’s character, Julian, may be the best looking gentleman caller to ever grace our screens; not to mention making the male escort game look profitable enough to buy yourself such an expensive suit! He also proves going grey can be oh so sexy!

Check out this 2 minute trailer here, which shows Gere in all the best bits from the movie, and working his golden magic.


At number 4. The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

Now here is a look we at 7Camicie can relate too! The 3 piece suit, flawless shirt and a jazzy pocket square to match - what’s not to love? Suave sophistication at it's very best. Steve McQueen will forever be one of the coolest gentlemen of all time, and the 3 piece suit he so flawlessly pulls off has definitely withstood the test of time!



Taking bronze and in at number 3. Goldfinger (1964)

Here he is Ladies and Gentleman: Bond, James Bond!

What's a Style List without an appearance without Mr Bond!? The men who have played the elusive 007 Agent over the years have all had iconic style moments: Daniel Craig’s Skyfall Barbour jacket almost swayed me for the number 3 spot! However here at 7Camicie we can’t help but swoon over a man in a great suit and shirt! After all how are you supposed to seduce women, look amazing driving those cool cars and save the world without looking unbelievably stylish to boot! Look here for the Sean Connery sequence rising out of the sea in his scuba suit and unzipping it to reveal that iconic white dinner jacket, finished with a red flower in the lapel, lets be honest it was awesome! Dinner Style like you've never seen before.


Sitting pretty in Silver position no 2. Rebel without a cause (1955)

James Dean unfortunately passed away tragically young, but has been immortalised as the ultimate American cool guy thanks to this movie. Turned up indigo denim jeans and a red windbreaker jacket, with the collar up, obviously! Lets face it, how many of you roll the hem of your jeans up? My hand's in the air!


Drum Roll please…. Number 1 can only be… The Wild One (1953)

Marlon Brando, the outlaw himself just embodies American masculinity. Bringing to life the ultimate biker bad boy Johnny Strabler; is all the things we could hope for at our Number 1 top spot. Now being part of a biker gang may not be for everyone but the black leather biker jacket, white tee and salvage denim is one all of us would wear on a Friday night! Where's the nearest MC Club please!? 


Congratulations Mr Brando! So there you have it, our Top 10 Most Iconic looks from the Big Screen - have you tried any of these looks out?? Let us know!

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