Men's Skincare Part 1

Posted: Aug 29 2017

This week I am preparing all the men out there for winter - yes, you heard me right, WINTER!! Christmas is a mere 20 weeks away, which means miserable rain and colder temperatures are right around the corner. We will all be suffering from the end of summer blues and so will your skin. Changes in temperature along with winter elements can have a negative effect on our glowing summer skin, so to help you transition with a flawless complexion I've been speaking to some experts. 

With so many brands and so many products available I asked skincare experts from origins and Kiehls for advice on helping men's winter skin and their top products for all year round use.

Origins - House of Fraser Metrocentre Expert Victoria

 Victoria says...'With Winter coming and cold days looming, it can have a dramatic effect on the hydration of the skin, leaving it feeling dry, tight and even flakey. Our best product for this is 'Make a Difference' and it is a rejuvenating moisturiser fortified with self hydrating Rose of Jericho. It also has lychee and watermelon which help combat dry and dehydrated skin. It is clinically proven to instantly boost skin's moisture and keep it comfortably hydrated.'

Origin's Skincare Heroes

1. Super Spot Remover - awarded best beauty 2017 winner to battle breakouts fast!

2. Out of Trouble Mask - to help rescue problem skin fast and soak up excess oil and sweep away debris in the skin, also preventing potential outbreaks.

3. Drink up Overnight - your winter must have! We are the UK's no.1 mask brand and this is our no.1 mask. Put your dry skin to bed in this overnight mask with avocado and apricot. 

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 Kiehls, House of Fraser Metrocentre experts - Vicky and Ruth

They say...'Men's skin is naturally thicker than women's. We have found that men tend to be rougher with their skin due to shaving nearly everyday. During the seasons changing, men's skin can struggle with this and start looking dull and flakey. To combat this, Kiehls have produced a cream that will prevent dryness and fatigue and improve your overall skin texture. This product is called Age Defender Moisturiser and it is dual action - both anti aging and it will visibly lift and firm the skin. This formula is created to revitalize the skin by gently exfoliating dead cells using our key ingredients such as linseed extract, caffeine and soy protein.'

Kiehls Skincare Heroes 

 1. Age Defender Moisturiser - A firming, lifting, anti ageing treatment just for men.

 2. Facial Fuel Wash - Prepares skin for a less irritating, more comfortable shave.

 3. Rare Earth Masque - Formulated with Amazonian White Clay to gently draw out oil,, dirt and toxins that clog pores. The addition of oatmeal and aloe vera helps to soothe skin.

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