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Posted: Jun 26 2017

Many of you will be getting ready to jet off on your fabulous holidays this summer, but before you do here are some helpful tips and tricks to avoid any tourist fashion faux pars. The point of this isn't to teach you how to look 'European', in fact, there isn't really a 'European' look. Just like in the the UK, Europeans wear all styles of clothes and it varies from country to country. That said, styles do tend to be a little more 'dressy'.

Clothes to leave at home

 Unless you are planning on jogging, avid taking your running trainers as most Europeans don't wear athletic shoes and it is a calling card for a tourist. Deciding on what shoes to take on holiday can pose a problem, as you must take a comfortable pair for sight seeing, most sports brands do a comfortable trainer that is a lot more fashionable than a running shoe.

Leave your sweat pants at home guys, they are bulky, heavy and far to thick to be comfortable on holiday, sweat is after all in the name! Let's talk shorts..I'm not saying avoid all shorts (I don't want you to melt) but khaki cargo shorts with 5000 pockets are a tourist trademark.

So what can you wear?

A well fitting shirt! Most Europeans don't go for oversized clothing so this is a look you won't see much of. However, a smart fitted shirt and a pair of chinos (rolled up if needed to create the proper length) is an outfit you can count on. Pair these with a smart pair of boat shoes or loafers and a plaited belt and you're bang on trend. Get your fitted shirt from us here.

Now I know I said avoid cargo pants but a chino short can be smart for your daytime excursions and paired with a light polo you'll stay cool and be able to take your look from day to night with ease.

One last thing guys, I hope you know this already but no bun bags yeah?!

Happy travels!!

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