New Year, New You???

Posted: Jan 09 2017


Well here it is, 2017 has arrived! We hope you all had a fabulous New Year, but after all the indulgence over the last few weeks I can imagine some of you are feeling a little bit sluggish - don’t worry you are not alone!


January 1st is traditionally the time to be setting New Year resolutions, and for most of us it's all about wanting to loose those few extra pounds we all put on because of those mince pies and tins of sweets that won't go away no matter how much you eat! But the idea is to get in shape right? Well join the club with everyone else! Losing weight/getting in shape sounds good doesn't it? Ideally, we'll all look our perfect weight and feel good and confident in ourselves. What we tend to forget about though is how much we HATE the gym! The sweating, the self-conscious looks around the gym, the effort you have to put in, the time it takes, the pain - again the sweating!! Getting in shape is generally not fun!!


So, why do we as a nation set ourselves this same goal every single year? And how many of us can actually say we stick to it? Not many I'll bet!


Personally I don’t like New Years resolutions: we set them for ourselves in the spur of the moment, without any real plan of how to go about it, which is probably the reason none of us make it past the first day; we make excuses and promise ourselves we'll  start next Monday (52 Mondays later it starts all over again!). Well this year I decided to set myself a New Years resolution I might actually enjoy and hopefully that means I'll feel a little bit more successful when greeting 2018.


So, as the clock struck 12am on 1st January, I sat and thought of things that really mattered, and I decided that rather than setting a single resolution to try and keep to for the whole year, I thought it better to set myself more of a bucket list to achieve for the year instead.


I thought about the more important things I wanted to achieve in 2017, and even threw in a few “to do” style jobs. My list had everything from; saving a little bit more money for a special holiday; to cleaning out some clutter; and even getting around to organizing the kitchen cupboards (adventurous I know) but its my list! I can have what I want on there!


Next to each of my bullet points on my list I have given myself a deadline, a realistic deadline - such as saving money every month for the year to save for that special holiday, or cleaning the kitchen cupboards out by April (Spring Cleaning anyone?). The deadlines are realistic for me and what I know I can achieve, rather than what I hope to achieve instead. This way I thought I might stand more of a chance of achieving little and often which is a lot more encouraging than failing at the first hurdle!


The great thing about this idea is that I could literally put anything on there: household jobs, places I want to visit, DIY and craft projects, volunteer work and of course a little bit of fitness and weight loss: the beauty is, is that it is tailored just for me and my family, with realistic and achievable goals, not just lofty aspirations!


Fancy making one for yourself? I say go for it! There is nothing more satisfying than ticking things off a list!

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