Oops at the Oscars!

Posted: Mar 02 2017

For you guys that are as active as me on social media, you would have seen the absolute shambles that was this years Oscars. Not only did they announce La La Land as the wrongful winners of the Best Picture (it was supposed to be Moonlight) but they then used the incorrect image of costume designer Janet Patterson in the memoriam. They then followed this up by making Brie Larson awkwardly present an Oscar to Casey Affleck, cue the awkward memes! Let's break it down shall we...


Presenting the circus this year was the unfortunate Jimmy Kimmel - beginners luck really didn't kick in for his first year of presenting the sought after award show. I honestly can't decide which of the sloppy, cringeworthy mistakes is the worst, so I'll let you decide!

During the 'In Memoriam' tribute, which included Prince, ZsaZsa Gabor, Gene Wilder, Mary Tyler Moore, Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher, there was a very noticeable error. The tribute to Australian costume designer Janet Patterson used a photo of her very much alive collaborator, film producer Jan Chapman. The Academy Awards bosses had told Patterson's agency they had it covered and had chosen an image themselves for the video and as you can imagine, Jen Chapman wasn't pleased to see herself and was devastated by the mix up for her friend.


Equally as awful was the frosty exchange between Brie Larson and Casey Affleck. You may have thought the academy would have learned lessons from the pairs exchange at the Golden Globes (click here to watch it)

Brie Larson, a vocal advocate for sexual assault survivors, was forced yet again to present Casey Affleck with his award. Casey Affleck (yes brother to the more famous Ben) has been, since 2010, the subject of sexual assault allegations, causing controversy for the Oscars nomination and causing Brie Larson not to applaud him.

The grand finale of this shambles of a night couldn't have ended worse for the Oscars, when the award for best picture being presented to the wrong film! Yes you read it correctly, it is every award shows biggest nightmare come true! You can watch it here (I'm watching it through my hands its so cringe!!!)

The upside to this was that Moonlight were definitely deserving winners and the cast and crew of La La Land couldn't have dealt with it better!

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