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Posted: Jul 13 2017

Some of you will be lucky enough to be jetting off on holiday this summer, whilst the rest of us are either suffering from 'wishing we were there' holiday blues or maybe trying to sneak in a bargain last minute deal. To help you all out if you are planning a trip (or dreaming of one) and because we love all things Italian, we thought we give you our bucket list of Italian destinations!

No 1 - The Island of Capri

This gorgeous island sits in the Bay of Naples, famous for it's picturesque landscapes and high-end shops and hotels. A must visit while on the island is it's famous Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where you can witness the sea turn electric blue in the passing sunlight. This is the perfect island to park your yacht...if you were stuck for somewhere to keep it!!!

No 2 - Sorrento

Also facing the Bay of Naples is beautiful Sorrento. This is a very popular option for couples and honeymooners and you could always stay here and pop over to Capri for a night. Sorrento is also a popular wedding destination because of it's beautiful cloisters and cliff top sea views.

No 3 - Lake Como

Heading on up to Northern Italy now, where Lake Como offers visitors breathtaking and dramatic scenery, an upscale resort set against the background of the Alps, rustic narrow streets and striking villas. Lake Como is George Clooney's choice for his summer home, so it will do for us!

No 4 - Amalfi Coast


An already popular holiday destination with it's cliff faces, small scattered beaches and pastel coloured fishing villages it truly is a picture postcard place. From here you can visit Sorrento, passing eye catching lemon groves on the way.

No 5 - Venice

More than 100 small islands in a lagoon make up this city. It has no roads at all, just canals. Take a canal tour and experience the beautiful gothic and renaissance buildings. A great time to go is during the Venice carnival, where seas of colours flood the streets in the form of elaborate costumes and masks - a real sight to behold.

It was very hard to pick just 5 places as Italy has so many amazing cities, towns and areas to offer! If you are looking for other inspiration, Rome, Naples, Lake Garda and Tuscany are just some of the other places we definitely recommend. Wherever you go, you are sure to fall in love with the charm that is unmistakably Italy.

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