The Most Romantic Day of the Year!!!!

Posted: Feb 07 2017

Valentines Day is right around the corner, but before you men run off to buy generic flowers and chocolates, let's take a minute to think about being a bit more creative...

A Bouquet with a Twist!

I've seen loads of great inspiration lately to add some personalisation to your Valentines surprises - they won't break the bank but they will definitrely show how much you care. Home made gifts can save money and although may take a bit of time, its worth it to be that bit different! If your loved one has a sweet tooth, making your own candy bouquet can be a great alternative to generic flowers and it means you can include all of their favourites to make it even more personal. Check out these great examples and a few handy 'how to' viedos here...

If your Valentine has stuck to their January diet, a better (and more appreciated!!) alternative could be a chocolate fruit covered bouquet, still just as thoughbful and yummy and you will earn extra Brownie points for helping them stay on the wagon!!

Date Night Decider

It seems us ladies are notorious for not being able to make up our minds, especially when it comes to choosing what we want to eat or where we want to go for date night. This next gift is a great idea to help the ladies make up their minds and to save the blokes a sore head. I give you....the date night jar!!! This could possibly be one of the best ideas for couples and a simple and thoughtful gift. All you need is a mason jar or storage jar of any kind, different coloured paper and a pen. Choose a colour for restaurants, one for activities, one for trips away and one for a night in. When date night comes around, simply pick out a note and your activity is already decided for you! How easy is that and adds a fun element of surprise!

The Map to Love

Another easy one for you and something that would look cute if you are a couple who share a home together. Buy of print out maps of places that are special and unique to your relationship. It could be anything from where you met, where you got married, where you live, first holiday etc etc. You get the jist! Cut out the maps and simply pop them into a multi photo frame and it's sure to be a hit!

Last but very not least...a great one for the Men!

We all know that our 7camicie men love their shirts, so why not treat them to a new one for date night! This one is our favourite, after all red is the colour of love! Click on the image to view on the webiste. Happy Valentines shopping!

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